Exotic Animal Vet in Sunrise, FL: Care for Birds, Reptiles, and Pocket Pets

Welleby Veterinary Hospital is the go-to hospital for exotic pet care in South Florida. Our exotic animal veterinarians have years of experience caring for reptiles, exotic small mammals (pocket pets), and birds, and partner with numerous wildlife and exotic animal agencies. Wellness visits for your non-traditional pet usually involve a thorough physical exam and husbandry discussion. We can offer personalized recommendations to help you care for your non-traditional pet and enjoy as many years with them as possible.

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Exotic Vets In Sunrise Fl

Caring for Your Pet Bird

Birds are social and intelligent creatures that need regular physical and mental exercise, lots of attention, proper toys for enrichment, and a large enough space to spread their wings and fly. We recommend keeping their enclosure in an area that sees a lot of family activity, while also providing a secure, safe feel for them.

Essential aspects of your bird’s care at our hospital include:

  • Physical exam (annual)
  • Annual wellness bloodwork
  • Routine screening for disease
  • Grooming
  • Environment reviews
  • Nutrition

The physical exam is the most important part of your bird’s healthcare because it allows us to look for and identify abnormalities in their appearance and behavior. If you notice any abnormalities at home, let us know right away at (954) 473-8090.

Vet With Green Snake

Reptile Care

Reptiles also need yearly checkups to stay healthy. We’ll be happy to answer your questions regarding your reptile’s care and offer feeding, housing, and handling recommendations tailored to their needs.

If your reptile shows any abnormal signs such as weight loss, abnormal skin shedding, or difficulty breathing, call us immediately. Reptiles can develop infections, oral inflammation, and other harmful conditions. A thorough reptile exam includes:

  • Physical exam (annual)
  • Fecal testing
  • Annual blood testing
  • Microbiological testing
  • Radiographs/X-rays

Exotic Mammal and Pocket Pet Care

Common exotic mammal and pocket pets include rabbits, ferrets, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, and chinchillas. These critters need to visit us on an annual or bi-annual basis to stay in good health because they hide their illnesses well! Your veterinarian will help you develop a customized treatment plan to reduce the risk of illness and increase your pet’s longevity. Along with the physical exam, their treatment plan may include:

Care for Other Exotic Species

It can be difficult for keepers of more unique exotic species to find a qualified exotic veterinarian. At Welleby, we’re trained to see all species, including primates, exotic canines/foxes, exotic cats, skunks, kinkajous, and crocodilians. Each species has its own unique needs when it comes to veterinary and routine care. We understand that your safety, the safety of your animal, and your healthcare team’s safety are all paramount.

Please schedule an appointment so we can ensure you and your animal have the best possible experience with us at Welleby Veterinary Hospital. Get started today by calling us at (954) 473-8090.